Bone jack

In Blade: Trinity

In the armory, Hannibal (Ryan Reynolds) shows off the Nightstalkers' take on "the Army's ICW," designed to fire multiple types of ammunition, including silver stakes, UV-explosive rounds, or grenades. The weapon is actually a heavily modified Winchester Model 1887.

The weapon is not used or seen again in the film; however, in the alternate ending featured on the DVD's special features, he fires it when the Nightstalkers track down a werewolf in a Hong Kong casino.

Behind the Scenes

The concept artist for the film, TyRuben Ellingson, refers to the weapon as "the Bone Jack;" during production it was also called "the Mudflap Gun" for the silhouette of Leta Laroe on the stock. The Bone Jack was to have a larger role before being cut; it could fire multiple types of vampire killing ammunition, from the "Sun Dogs" used in other Nightstalker weapons to stakes and grenades.This prop has since appeared in a few other productions, with the Mudflap Girl generally removed (for example, in the television series Eureka).


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