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"The world's changed since your time. The humans have a new hunter, Blade."
Danica Talos

Danica Talos was a vampire and the mistress of the House of Talos, a vampire sect that controls a major pharmaceutical enterprise. She and her followers are responsible for reawakening the ancient vampire patriarch Dracula in order to kill Blade and bring about vampire dominance over the Earth.

Blade: Trinity[]

Danica Talos is an ambitious vampire, whose aim is to rule over the vampire world after the death of Eli Damaskinos. She's violent and cruel, but she's also a strong leader, who even her brother is submitted to. She posses all the vampires' typical powers: superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, senses and stamina and virtual invulerability to anything but sunlight, silver and garlic. Danica has an odd (for a vampire) habit of wearing crucifixes or crosses on necklaces. She proves to be a very skilled fighter, able to subdue Hannibal King and even to dodge bullets during a battle.



  • In a failed attempt to make some humor, Hannibal King tells Blade that Danica has her fangs in the vagina: this is a reference to the psychoanalysis feature vagina dentata (Latin for "toothed vagina"), an unconscious representation of the castration anxiety.
  • During a scene where Drake is in a bedroom with Danica, he asks about her cross, to which she replies, "Old habits die hard." She claimed to be a good Catholic school girl once, and as Drake explains to her he was present during the Crucifixion, he asks her to remove it. When asked why, he explains that he will "make her a better one" and then proceeds to bite and suck on the blood of Danica. Although this does not allow her to walk in sunlight, it is assumed that she received enhanced vampire powers, but this is not fully explored or elaborated upon any further, and likely would be considered a light erotic scene.