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"We want to be like you. Strong, fast. . . and immortality, man? I'll live for freakin' ever."
A Familiar explaining the powers of a Daywalker

A Daywalker is a type of vampire or half-vampire who can walk in the daylight without harm. Blade is a daywalker due to his mother being bitten and turned into a vampire while she was pregnant. He seeks vengeance on Decan Frost, the vamp who killed Blade’s mother and gave him his abilities. Drake is another daywalker. As the first vampire, he is stronger than most of his descendants. Daywalkers still have the vampiric need for blood; Blade staves this off using injections of a special serum, but over time his body builds up a tolerance to it and he has to develop a new one. Whistler states that Blade also ages like a normal human would. Vampires have a much lower body heat signature than humans, particularly apparent when viewed through a heat vision scanner, but Blade gives off the normal heat signature of a human.

Daywalkers are exceedingly rare. Vampires are very jealous of Daywalker powers and would have tried to create more Daywalkers if it were easy to achieve. Given their extreme rarity, it is not clear how representative Blade is of other recorded Daywalkers in terms of their creation and their abilities.