"I'll tell you what I know. We're everywhere. We are in places you'd never believe, the government, the police, even organized crime."
-Blade Animated Series, Episode 2

Familiars are human beings that have devoted themselves to the vampire nation and pledged themselves to a house or specific vampire leader.

Familiars had perks- one of which if they proved themselves worthy, their vampire lord would turn them and they would be permitted into their inner circle. This was difficult- both because of the high standards vampires had and because there were rules and regulations about turning humans- the House of Chthon had very strict rules about turning. Familiars had many reasons to want to be turned- it's been said that cripples bound to wheelchairs walk when they are turned, and some felt that the vampire nation would win no matter what, and they'd rather be servants of the vampires.

Familiars were also mentioned to have protection from other houses- if they are attacked and fed upon by vampires from other houses, the vampire in charge of the familiar could attack the other vampire.

Familiars branded themselves with glyphs- typically a small tattoo of the glyph. When Krista Starr asked about her brother's glyph on his corpse, detective Brian Boone, who also happened to be a familiar, said "Oh, that, it's a gang sign, I've seen it around". To hide his identity as a familiar, "Scud" had his tattoo on the inside of his lip. The glyphs are usually found on the Familiars' wrists. 

As of Blade: Trinity, Blade had killed over a thousand familiars.

Known FamiliarsEdit