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La Magra

BLADE (1998)

Character concept:
Deacon Frost became a vessel for La Magra

La Magra is an immensely powerful and ancient blood god, the patron deity of vampires, and an important figure in vampire lore as he created Drake, the first vampire. La Magra can only be summoned through a special ritual that requires the blood of the Daywalker. After being summoned, La Magra used the body of Deacon Frost as his avatar until the latter was killed by Blade.


Deacon Frost was the vessel for La Magra at the climax of the first Blade film.

La Magra is summoned with the sacrifice of twelve purebloods (although, only eleven actually get used as Mercury was provoked into killing the necessary twelfth--hence Blade being able to just barely defeat La Magra), who are struck by lightning, and seemingly shed their skin to reveal winged skeletons. The Daywalker is drained of blood using a special chamber atop the temple. When a single drop of Blade's blood touched Frost's forehead, Frost's eyes turned completely red, and was soon possessed by La Magra. Afterwards, Mercury cautiously called for Frost, to which he replied in a whisper "not anymore."


  • Accelerated Healing: La Magra has the ability to regenerate the blood and body parts, including the decapitated head, of his vessel.
  • Supervampiric Resilience: He is faster, stronger, and even more immune to damage than any normal vampire.
  • Vampiric Transformation: He allegedly has the ability to turn any human into a vampire upon mere contact. This may have led to either the death of vampires or the evolution.
  • Vampiric Empowerment: La Magra also seems to grant its vampiric vessel a near-invincibility. However, since all his power comes from blood, he is distinctly vulnerable to EDTA, which led to his eventual destruction at the hands of Blade.


  • EDTA: The anti-coagulant EDTA destroyed La Magra's vampiric vessel.


  • In an alternate ending to the first Blade movie, La Magra is not absorbed by Frost, and is instead depicted as a swirling blood vortex that fills the chamber. Blade is still able to defeat it using vials of EDTA.
  • La Magra is also depicted in the original Blade comic books. Number 7 of the series introduced the concept of the Blood God (unknown name) from the comic book, which was adapted into the first movie. The ritual differs that of the movie, but not much of the original concept has been changed.
  • La Magra is absent from the Marvel Animated Series, and is replaced with Frost becoming a daywalker though a serum made from Blade's blood.