Lighthammer - Blade II

Blade II


Lighthammer is a vampire based out of prague and was a soldier of Eli Daminikios European elite team branch called *The Bloodpack* a unit of vampires who were originally supposed to be trained to hunt Blade but their mission changes when they need to fight alongside with him to counter attack and eliminate the mysterious reaper threat that is jeapordizing every area of continent of Europe. Lighthammer was played by Daz Crawford who played beldour in Scifi's original film, Thor Hammer of the Gods. He Wields a Very large battle hammer styled with a retractable knife and sometimes also use the possession of a 9mm pistol for close encounters.

Lighthammer was bitten on the neck by s a Reaper vampire but kept it a secret. When the team finds the Reaper nest in the sewer tunnels, Lighthammer succumbs to the bite and kills Snowman. He dies not long after succumbing after being exposed to the sun or light