BLADE (1998)

Played by:

Mercury is a vampire henchwoman and Deacon Frost’s love interest in Blade (1998). She is played by Spanish actress Arly Jover


Mercury is a turnblood vampire living in New York City. She is the lover of Deacon Frost, with whom she shares an affectionate relationship, and his henchwoman. She seems to be friends with Racquel , who she dances with at Club Blood.


While Blade is battling Deacon and his henchmen, Mercury decides to kill Karen. While Karen shoots at Mercury, Mercury is able to disarm Karen and pin her against a wall. As she leans in for the kill, Karen pulls out a concentrated garlic spray and shoots it into Mercury's mouth. Mercury screams in pain until her head explodes.


  • In the original script, Mercury was described as a 'lupine Gaultier girl' who had black hair with a white hair running through. 
  • She was also portrayed as being a leather-clad stripper at the Black Pearl; the Japanese vampire club. 
  • Also in the original script Mercury was supposed to have been killed by Blade alongside Quinn. Instead, Vanessa was supposed to confront and be killed by Dr. Karen Jensen