Project Aurora, or the Aurora Vaccine, was an experiment undertaken by the House of Chthon under the supervision of Marcus Van Sciver. The aim of the project was to create a vaccine that would develop vampire resistance to Silver, Garlic, and UV radiation. The project was unsuccessful.

History Edit

The Project began sometime prior to 2006, possibly decades earlier. Marcus Van Sciver sent Chase to abduct a group of vampires, mostly from the House of Armaya with the exception of Sands. The vampires were experimented horrifically upon by Doctor Vonner. These experiments left Sands with scars, poor vision, and emotional trauma. He was the only one to escape. The others remained in the abandoned lab for years, with similar scars, and one vampire was chained to shackles, and had been made into a creature resembling Frankenstein's monster.

One of Van Sciver's fronts, American Butcher, used a warehouse to house captive vampires for experimentation. Experiments on these vampires were unsuccessful, with most turning to black ash and slime. One "success" was on Fritz, Marcus' bodyguard. The vaccine worked, at proven in battle with Blade, who was unable to kill Fritz with garlic. However, Fritz wanted to confront Blade again, against the orders of Van Sciver. Fritz disobeyed these orders, and fought Blade, however he was killed by Krista when he started to lose the fight and Blade was prepared to take Fritz captive and learn about Aurora.

Krista attempted several times to secure a sample of Aurora for Blade. The effects of Aurora were serious enough to give Blade pause. Chen reminded Blade "If they figured out a way to neutralize silver and garlic, we're up shit's creek." Investigation into Aurora was later halter by Blade and Chen to investigate the toxin Marcus was developing.

Project Aurora, in reality, was another Van Sciver front- this one against his pureblood superiors. In reality, he was working on a toxin that would only target purebloods. He was so confident of success that he smashed a vial containing a sample of Aurora in front of the Chthon purebloods before attempting to kill them.

Use of Armayans Edit

Charlotte, a Chthon pureblood, was concerned of the ramifications if other houses, especially Armaya, learned of the use of Armayans as test subjects for Project Aurora. This came to pass when Sands went to Damek, the last remaining Armayan pureblood. Charlotte blamed Van Sciver for this.

Effects on Vampires Edit

"My stuff ALWAYS works."

"Not this time."

"Where'd you hit him?"


-Chen and Blade, discussing the use of Silver and Garlic on Fritz.

Despite seeming to work on Fritz, Marcus knew that Fritz would decompose days after taking the vaccine. Fritz was able to touch silver and garlic without damage- even taking a shot to the head. It was not shown that he was resistant to UV radiation, however, it is a logical assumption this was a goal of Project Aurora. He claimed that silver stakes lodged in the abdomen tickled.