I watched the Blade film again, and I've got to say: there is some definite sexual tension between Deacon and Dragonetti. I get the suspicion that Dragonetti is the one who turned Frost based on how they spoke to one another at that first council meeting. The library scene further contributes to this theory. Frost seemed a little too offended when Dragonetti slapped him, and then there's the fact that they were a little too casual with one another given their positions. And why would Dragonetti let Frost continue playing around in the library if he really hated him--and how did Frost know how to get in in the first place? Also, when Dragonetti said that he was bored with Frost, there was disappointment where there should have been disgust. When Frost killed Dragonetti, he reached out to take that chick's hand for what was clearly emotional support. Also, no man strokes another man's face for any reason that isn't romantic, and both of them are kinda pretty. I'm not saying this lessens either character for any reason, but this suggested relationship definitely deserves some kind of attention. Damaijin 14:29, April 15, 2011 (UTC)DamaijinDamaijin 14:29, April 15, 2011 (UTC)

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