Zack Starr is a character from Blade: The Series played by David Kopp. Zack is the brother of Krista Starr and a familiar working for Marcus Van Sciver. Zack appears physically in the Pilot episode (later titled House of Chthon for DVD releases), where he is blindfolded under the belief he is going to be turned by Marcus, only to be taken to a remote location and promptly shot in the head by Marcus due to his distrust for Zack. Krista comes to town shortly after his murder and notices a glyph on his neck at the morgue, but Brian Boone (a detective revealed to be a familiar himself) dismisses it as a gang sign.

It is later revealed by Blade in a conversation with Krista during the episode's closing moments that Zack was a double agent working for Blade in order to infiltrate the House of Chthon until his death. Blade later recruits Krista to continue Zack's work as she is now a member of the House after being converted by Marcus.


  • Zack appears to be a reverse of Scud from Blade II: Scud was a familiar working as a double agent for Eli Damaskinos and posed as Blade's technician to lure him into a trap while Zack was an ally of Blade posing as a familiar working for Marcus Van Sciver to infiltrate the House of Chthon.
  • Zack is also notably the only good familiar as many of the other familiars are highly devoted to the vampire they serve.